how to choose a suitable putter

Putter to help us complete the “finishing touches” of the club, its importance is self-evident! So, when we choose putter, you should pay attention to what?


All club inside putter is the club allows designers to play most artistic genius of the place. Its shape strange, colorful was dazzling. From the shape, the traditional classical or hi-tech new design Ye Hao, putter head anyway combat the ever-changing, always nothing more than “L-type” and “D-type” two. Both the shape does not matter what good or bad, in short, you take it easy to aim at the hands of the subjective feeling on the line.

The vast majority of today’s players prefer the L-shaped head, because of its shape is closer to other clubs, it flaky, and back at the leading and trailing edges of the two parallel lines, moving target when pushing past comparison there are associate head; D putter rear edge almost all round, in the sense that there is no comparison in mind.

Faced with these various putter, just to enjoy the artwork as they like to watch, to see much more to know what kind of color and shape to look comfortable. The shape and color of ball and if looks a little uncomfortable, use it to fight this most sacred one, definitely do not have confidence. If the outside is not the United States, what other materials, from what are no longer get to the bottom of the door. The appearance of the head of the psychological impact on people’s major batting, putting to rely on feel, visually pole if you like this style, intuitive feel it reliable, this is the first step in the selection of the pole.


On the grass short, use a lightweight putt greens dried in the thick wet grass greens resistance, ball roll slowly, so use heavy putter, but generally heavier rod head more calm, people who have difficulty pushing the ball will greatly increase the scoring rate with a heavy-duty design, so even the frail type of golfers but also with at least medium weight putter.

Multiple re-considered? More light be light? This is not a certain standard, picked it up in the hands of Dian Dian, swing posture to try to push the plunger several times, the feeling is that heavy weight, feel lighter is lighter. If there must be a number, a putter head weight scales up is between 320-380 grams, 340-360 ounces a moderate weight, no matter how high even a heavy putter.


Head: should I use forged or cast out of bronze and stainless steel, as far as possible to avoid zinc and aluminum head nip forming. Forged head polished finished product is a solid metal polishing, texture weight, cost expensive, generally speaking manufacture more sophisticated, high stability, when batting, by the lever shaft touch pass back more concrete.

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